Update to GLC WhatsApp groups!

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Update to GLC WhatsApp groups!

As an update to last year’s post on GLC WhatsApp groups official launch, given the great response we have received from our ITL community currently going through the NCA process, we have decided to make these groups a permanent section within our Practicing in Canada subpage (click here from any device), and recategorize them as follows:

NCA – Common Law Forum (click here from your mobile device), our main discussion group for common law ITLs (previously known as “General Forum”), which provides individual access to our sixteen NCA exam specific subgroups:

  • NCA – Constitutional Law
  • NCA – Administrative Law
  • NCA – Criminal Law
  • NCA – Foundations of Canadian Law
  • NCA – Professional Resp
  • NCA – Contracts
  • NCA – Property
  • NCA – Torts
  • NCA – NCA Evidence
  • NCA – Trusts
  • NCA – Business Organizations
  • NCA – Civil Procedure
  • NCA – Commercial Law
  • NCA – Family Law
  • NCA – Remedies
  • NCA – Tax Law

NCA – Civil Law Forum (click here from your mobile device), a group originally created by Kae, a fellow civil law ITL from Ottawa; which she kindly allowed us to take over – given our own understanding of the additional struggles these ITLs face when going through the same NCA Process.

Stay tuned, while we also test out GLC’s new business WhatsApp account (click here from your mobile device)!

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