Small Group Program (GLCO)

About the Small Group Program

GLC Ontario’s Small Group Program (SGP) enables GLC members in the province to connect, share experiences and support one another. The SGP is animated by the belief that professional networks and quality conversations are instrumental to succeeding in Canada’s legal profession.

The program’s core objectives are to promote:

  • Network Building: SGP members are connected with NCA or licensing candidates or lawyers who are at different stages of their legal careers.
  • Experience Sharing: SGP members meet virtually or in-person to share their experiences, ideas and best practices relating to licensing, articling and professional practice. 
  • Support Systems: SGP members support other program members wherever they are at in their professional journeys. 

The SGP structure

GLC Ontario assigns all SGP registrants into small groups of 4 or 5 individuals. Each small group is led by an SGP facilitator and each small group rotation runs for 3 months.

Small groups are expected to meet (in person, where possible) at least once per month for the length of the program. These meetings generate opportunities for SGP members to share experiences, ideas and best practices. To encourage diverse perspectives, SGP groups are intentionally assembled to bring together licensing candidates and lawyers who are at different stages in their education or careers. 

As a SGP member, you may have opportunities to:

  • Visit law firms or organizations like the Ontario Bar Association or Law Society of Ontario to learn about best practices
  • Meet practicing lawyers
  • Establish one-to-one support relationships with other SGP members

SGP members also have access to a resource bank that contains information about the NCA and licensing processes. 

Become a SGP member

To be eligible to join GLCO’s Small Group Program, you must: 

  • Be a member of GLC (to become a member, visit this page); and
  • Be based in Ontario or planning to practice in Ontario.

Provided you meet the eligibility criteria, you can register to join the SGP by completing this short questionnaire. The answers you provide will be used to assign you to a suitable small group.

After you submit a completed questionnaire, a SGP facilitator will reach out to you with information regarding your small group and first meeting.

The SGP facilitator will also ask you to review, sign and return an agreement acknowledging your familiarity with the SGP’s guidelines, code of conduct and commitment to participate actively in the program. SGP members that fail to meet the SGP standards can, at the discretion of GLCO, be removed from the program.  

Please note that the inaugural GLCO SGP rotation begins March 2020