About NCA Guides

NCA Guides is a registered partnership of five seasoned and experienced tutors who are also referred to as Guides. They employ a “guide” approach because they believe that every candidate has what it takes to successfully challenge the NCA examinations and their part is to guide the candidate to success.

They understand the difficulty that the NCA examinations presents and they help candidates overcome the obstacles and difficulties in understanding the course materials and examination format. They do these through intensive classes, revisions, spot tests and exam review workshops.

They do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, their study sessions are focused on helping candidates understand the course materials in a way unique and personal to achieving their study goals.

About the NCA Guides Scholarship Scheme

The NCA Scholarship Scheme is undertaken in partnership with Global Lawyers of Canada, Alberta Chapter to provide free tutoring services and study materials to NCA Candidates and GLC members who have been assessed to write the 5 mandatory courses for their requalification as lawyers in Canada. One of the objectives of Global Lawyers of Canada (GLC) is the promotion of a diverse and competitive legal market in Canada and the provision of representation and support to internationally trained lawyers, the NCA Guides has partnered with GLC for the implementation of this scheme this year by offering scholarships to 10 registered members of Global Lawyers of Canada.

Scholarship Value

The Scholarship budget for each Candidate covering the tutoring services for the 5 mandatory NCA Courses and supplementary study materials for each of the courses is: $325 x 5 courses = $1,625.00, with a total Scholarship value of $16,250 for the 10 candidates.

Modalities & How To Apply

Grounds of eligibility is the completion of the assessment process with the National Committee on Accreditation, as well as proof of registration for the courses, to help tailor the educational information to be given to Candidates.

To apply for this scholarship, interested applicants should submit a 200-word (maximum) essay titled “Why I am the best candidate for this scholarship”. 10 successful candidates will be selected by a panel consisting of representatives of Global Lawyers of Canada and the NCA Guides Partnership.

All applications including the full legal name of applicants should be submitted in Microsoft Word format by email to with the subject GLC-NCA Guides Scholarship.

Terms & Conditions

The comprehensive terms and conditions governing the delivery of NCA Guides’ tutoring services can be found here –

Specific terms relating to the scholarship scheme includes the following:

  • Applicants must be registered members of Global Lawyers of Canada, Alberta Chapter.
  • The Scholarship award is only valid for a year from the award date of the Scholarship.
  • The award is non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the successful candidates.
  • The tutoring scheme may be delivered in part via recorded video content.
  • Each successful candidate will in addition to the tutoring service get study materials including notes, key points, examination answer structures etc.
  • The scholarship will also include free access to the examination review workshop focusing on how to answer exam questions, potential pitfalls to watch out for etc.
  • By applying, candidates hereby consent to their information to be used for marketing purposes for the purpose of ensuring the transparency and the genuineness of the scholarship scheme to the public.

Application Deadline

All application must be received by February 27, 2021. No late applications will be considered.