New NCA Policy Manual!

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New NCA Policy Manual!

As of Sep 1st this week, the National Committee on Accreditation (“NCA”), a standing committee of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada (“FLSC”) introduced its new Policy Manual, which replaces its revised January 1, 2018 Policies and Guidelines, with amended policies primarily affecting Canadian civil law graduates and applicants from non-common law jurisdictions.

Aside from processing times, major changes in our view include:

  • Making a procedural distinction between licensed and unlicensed Canadian Civil Law applicants per subsections and
  • Clarifying what type of common law degrees ITLs from a Non-Common Law Jurisdiction can attain to meet the “sufficient exposure to the [sic] common law” per 1) to subsection 5.2.4
  • Also providing ITLs from a Non-Common Law Jurisdiction to also attain “sufficient exposure to the [sic] common law” through “Qualification as a paralegal or notary in a Common Law Jurisdiction.” per 3) to subsection 5.2.4
  • Breaking down jurisdictions with common law components in both Appendix A (List of Common Law Jurisdictions) and new Appendix B (List of Mixed Law Jurisdictions or Jurisdictions with Substantial Common Law Content). All other countries not contained in these Appendices, are likely to be considered Non-Common Law Jurisdictions (Civil Law, Religious Law, Pluralistic or Hybrid systems, etc.)
  • Finally, an additional flowchart contained in Appendix C, with additional stages are now clarified by NCA from when each Assessment Decision is Rendered.

For more information please follow this official link by clicking here.

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