GLC Whatsapp groups!

GLC Whatsapp groups!

GLC Whatsapp groups!

With the advancement of the internet (and nowadays social media), it is not uncommon to see increased interactions between family, friends, and even professionals take place online via different platforms. In our experience, interacting within the legal industry in Canada is no different and we at GLC are trying to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to connecting with our followers!

It is no secret that not all Internationally Trained Lawyers are practicing in Canada, nor NCA candidates have same assessment results -not to mention neither groups are located within the same city, nor have the same availability to meet in person for face to face with other fellow colleagues.

Given these difficulties to interact we all face on a daily basis; back in April this year, we decided to test out a non-restricted group via WhatsApp to see how many members we could encourage to join. To our big surprise, more than 90 people from seven countries have joined so far!

With this in mind, we are happy to officially launch the following free entry discussion groups (to automatically join, simply click on each hyperlink while using your mobile device with WhatsApp already installed):


NCA – General Forum (click here from your mobile device), our main discussion group (now known as “Common Law Forum”), for any general questions and spam filter group to gain individual access to our sixteen NCA exam specific subgroups (covering ALL five mandatory, three core subjects and additional eight subjects per NCA’s  latest Policies and Guidelines):

  • NCA – Constitutional Law
  • NCA – Administrative Law
  • NCA – Criminal Law
  • NCA – Foundations of Canadian Law
  • NCA – Professional Resp
  • NCA – Contracts
  • NCA – Property
  • NCA – Torts
  • NCA – NCA Evidence
  • NCA – Trusts
  • NCA – Business Organizations
  • NCA – Civil Procedure
  • NCA – Commercial Law
  • NCA – Family Law
  • NCA – Remedies
  • NCA – Tax Law

All groups above are permanent (meaning will always be available regardless of the date sessions posted by NCA), members are free to join and leave as needed.

We only request keeping discussions free of any unrelated NCA topic, including commercial postings  of any kind (that said, free advice from current third party tutors is OK).

Also, GLC will ban anyone spamming or distributing any illegal content -including study notes currently sold under copyright license, as well photos of actual NCA exams.

Finally, feel free to share this post with everyone. Publicly available knowledge is key towards building and supporting our diverse legal community!

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