Research consistently shows that Mentoring is an effective and efficient way to provide emerging professionals with enhanced pathways to great career opportunities. Law students and young lawyers are matched with senior lawyers from the Calgary legal community in mentoring partnerships, meeting over coffee to share experiences, enhance professional networks and help move your career forward!

Mentoring can work at several stages of your legal career:

  1. If you are an NCA student and in the process of completing your exam requirements and/or securing and completing articles – we suggest that you connect with our partner the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (“CRIEC”) to learn more about their outstanding 1-on-1 mentoring program and related workshops on cultural competency and career path planning.  CRIEC has been working with internationally trained lawyers since 2011, providing real hands-on advice in getting your career started. CRIEC’s collaborations with GLC, Law Society of Alberta, law schools, legal clinics and research groups have helped countless NCA students find their own career paths.
  2. If you have started your legal career and wish to be connected with a mentor, then please contact our Partnership Committee Chairs, Bill deJong and Philippa Kentish. We are in the midst of developing our own mentoring program that will benefit both young lawyers as mentees in the next stage in their careers and senior lawyers as mentors, with valuable career advice, connections to real employment opportunities and exciting law careers, both here in Canada and abroad. If you have suggestions or would like to get involved as either a mentor or mentee, we want to hear from you.
  3. If you are a senior lawyer in a law firm, corporate legal department, a legal clinic or with government or a non-profit organization, and wish to share some of your time and energy mentoring this great young talent please connect with either Bruce Randall or with Bill deJong and Philippa Kentish as noted above; this way we will ensure you are matched with the right mentee!